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Get SBA Disaster Loan assistance for your small business.


due to natural disaster houses are damaged

Most SBA loans go to individuals whose homes have been damaged by natural disasters. Hurricanes. Wildfires. Flooding. A Global Pandemic.

Events beyond our control can wreak havoc in our lives and on our small businesses. It’s heartbreaking watching your livelihood and that of your employees get washed away without a trace.

What if there's a way to weather the storm?

An SBA Disaster loan – whether EIDL, PPP, or some other type – could be a lifeline for your business. If you're eligible, you could use the funds to protect employee paychecks, get new equipment, or expand your business. Cherokee CPA has successfully helped many distressed business owners to get the help they need.

Our message to you is simple: don’t give up.

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